Disbanded Site. Bye!

output_7CpgjIHey guys! A lot happened over the years. We grew up, lost contact with one of our members…The site was abandoned.  I guess now, I’m just confirming that this will be the last post of all from me. Honestly, I still enjoy digital art from time to time but not graal heads anymore. This is my first and last GIF head that blinks…I hope. Bye guys! 

Hi all :) Missed y’all

Ok, so first thing is first. This will be a very VERY and I mean VERYYYY long post and if you don’t like reading then too bad. It’s either you got informed or didn’t. I know most of you won’t read it anyways but if you are curious to what happened to us, or any questions you might have, this might answer it.

No, I haven’t been doing GFX for awhile after the head I edited from Latte because exams were coming up and I simply did NOT feel like doing any GFX. I have mentioned this earlier in one of the posts that I am not functioned to do art basically. I am here to organize the blog, not fill it up with artworks. My job was to just keep everything rolling and in order to do that, I’d have to hve artwork submitted and it turns out that the artists aren’t doing their job and it puts a stop to my job.

To all of you that wanted us to add your blog on our list, we have stop doing that for now. I won’t be changing anything on the page so please spread the news if necessary.

As you could have seen, Clove and I tried to make a re-appearance and it just simply didn’t work because we aren’t interested in doing these. We may have been into it back then but now, we have moved on to enjoy other things.

I still do GFX for fun though nonetheless. It will probably take me about a few years to post a head. Yes, I take THAT long on a head because you know why? I actually mind every pixel in the thing and it is very time-consuming. If that is the case, I won’t be posting anything else because everyone would forget me anyways so what is the point right?

I don’t want all the
Don’t quit!
You’re a great GFX artist please continue
Please update the blog!
and blah blah
I don’t tolerate those crappy fake messages in my opionion of course. Maybe some was true to the heart but I have been decieved more than once to believe those words that anyone can easily type anytime and anywhere and let me tell you this.

Try flattery with me and you won’t get nowhere
I can assure, guarentee, 100% or whatever that you WILL get nowhere near anything so don’t waste your preicious seconds to type something that
1) I don’t care about
2) Fake
Albeit, you can tell them to Clove and Xavier…
And trust me, I am not telling you guys this because I want attention or what the flipping nuggets you think but because the internet hides their identification, they tend to be really bold and think they can do whatever the hall they want.


I don’t have anything else to say on the top of my mind right now so I’ll leave it at this. I might get a 2nd post going.


Edited by Melissa

Edited by me: Melz
Made by Latte
Link don’t work? Comment.
Recolors coming… Later on in life :/
We’ll be posting our daily agenda soon so stay tuned ;)
Please give CMX credit :)
Do NOT click set transparency while uploading :D


Made From Scratch by Clove

Clove made this from scratch. I have a head coming up soon. We’re doing recolors soon, hopefully. So snowy… Anyways, we’ll post the agenda we thought of so we can this blog back up and working. :) ~Melz
Please give CMX credit :)
Do NOT click set transparency while uploading :D

Been Awhile…

Hey guys!! Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you guys to still go on our blog even thought we haven’t posted in like literally FOREVER!!! To be honest, I didn’t post not because I didn’t have time or anything like that really. Get past all the excuses and it’s really because GFX has never been my thing at the start. You have seen it with your very own eyes because I joined this blog to organize it not to do GFX. Of course I did edit a few things here and there but most of it was from Clove and Xavier, especially Xavier and I haven’t talked to him about this blog in ages. I won’t delete the blog like others do of course but just wanted to let you know I do check this blog time to time but just not as often because they don’t do GFX for me to upload anymore. Well, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, contact me in any way, form, or shape and I’ll try my best to answer it.


-Insert Title-

Sorry for the huge, long delay… Two days of being a freshman down and like 100 something more to go. I’ve uploaded all sets!! :) only edits!!! Found them on Leah’s Blog
Please give CMX credit :)
Do NOT click set transparency while uploading :D


Clove emailed me this a LONG time ago. It’s just I don’t have time on my laptop as much sorry x_x
NOTE: I’m guessing it’s edited by Clove but please comment if you know who the original maker is because I want to give them CREDIT XD
Please give CMX credit :)
Don’t set transparency when uploading :D

Banned for something I didn’t do

The admins has to fix asap! I haven’t been on graal the last few days and when I finally decide to go on, I get banned! Apparently because of inappropriate behavior but I haven’t been on ):<



It’s a shame that GFX artists does this but apparently, I went and check our friends page and some has already deleted their blog which is very sad because now, we can’t see their work anymore. So… I am going to start a new list. Comment below and I’ll add you. I’m going to keep the current list but it will have a different name. Some of them may quitted but at least they didn’t deleted it! Thank you for NOT deleting! ^~^

Those of you that said you added us but didn’t won’t get added to this list! Hate liars -.-

These are the blogs I’m adding to the new list:

Ray°Frappe Blog
Latte’s Blog
Jani’s Blog
Monica’s Blog
Rose’s Blog
Dayna’s Blog
Nerdybunny’s and Abby’s Blog
Kelsey’s Blog
Carolyn’s Blog
Kimiko’s Blog
Jazz’s Blog
PureSky’s Blog
Diamond’s Blog
Cutie’s Blog
Sav’s Blog
Lucy and Sophie’s Blog
iPurple’s Blog
Snicker’s Blog
Amyeh’s Blog
Mimi’s Blog
Ashley’s Blog
Kelsi’s Blog
Raz’s blog
Chonilla & Roxa’s Blog
Emmr’s Blog
Bella’s Blog
Luckystar’s Blog
Hikari’s Blog
Zoe’s Blog

Comment if blog doesn’t work or exist thx

NOTE: I am waiting for your reply Mrs. Blacksmaid